A selection of modern paintings still available

‘Lost highway’ 90x90 cm € 2400

“The world of the happy man is a different one from that of the unhappy man.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

‘Fragmented landscape’ mixed media on linen 100x140 cm € 4500

‘anatomy of a kitchen table’ mixed media on linen 120x100cm € 3500

‘ Interior landscape 32’ mixed media on linen 100x120cm

‘ Send me a letter’ oil paint on linen 120x100cm. € 3500

‘Homo deus’ mixed media on linen 100x80cm. € 2400

‘Head in the clouds’ mixed media on board 100x70cm

‘Fly me to the moon’ mixed media on canvas 80x100cm. € 2400

‘The village’ mixed media on linen 80x100cm

‘The moonpalace’ mixed media on wood 120x120cm. € 4500

The artwork on this page are no longer available