The dimension dilemma.

'Nature is three-dimensional. When one makes a painting after nature, it cannot be an exact copy, but rather another form of representation, After all, the image is shown on a flat surface and is the record of looking at something. Images also have a limit of what you can see. Although that depends on what you want to show or the point of view taken towards the work.' With this in mind, I explore the tensions between the dualities of plane and perspective. In my approach to this perception, my paintings become assumptions in a visible form.

The perspective dilemma 2  Acrylic on linen 120x90 cm

The perspective dilemma 1 120x150cm 

Private collection

" Those who have the gift of seeing more deeply can see beyond the form and concentrate on the wonderful aspect hidden behind every form, called life."


Hilma AF KLINT (1862-1944)

Table and chair” oil on linen 100x100cm 

'Vase on yellow table' oil on linen 120x100cm 

Private collection

Private collection

Private collection

‘Anatomy of a kitchen table 08’ oil on linen  120x100cm. 

‘Anatomy of a kitchen table  02’  acrylic on linen 120x100cm 2022  

'Anatomy of a kitchen table 07' 100x120cm oil 


‘ Anatomy of a kitchen table 09’ oil paint on linen 100x100cm - 2023