Informal Art Studio


My work is colorful and characterized by expressive brushstrokes. I like to work with different techniques both 2 and 3 dimensional, but primarily I am a painter. When painting on canvas I use acrylic and finish it with oil paint and pigments from Roussillion (Provence) In my paintings I like to combine abstract and figurative elements of things I see around me. My preference is Wabi Sabi to emphasize the beauty of the imperfect. This way there is room for the viewer to add his own interpretation and to keep my images captivating.


to the paintings


Recently I have been working around the theme of 'perspective' a proces that evokes the object and the background, not only through the use of color. Looking for the change of depth shows my apparent need to describe the distance of an imaginary landscape or object by perceiving it in different ways.

l'imperfection est une forme de liberté