Contemporary Art

I always am inspired and impressed by the complex relationships between people, the urban landscape and the everyday things around me. I want to seek the essence of that and translate it into forms and colors.Recently, I have been working around the theme of perspective, a process that evokes the object and its background. Searching for the change of depth, I want to describe the distance of an imaginary object by "looking at" and "perceiving" it in different ways. More or less recognizable forms I apply intuitively. In their imperfection, these speak my language. A language that acquires meaning through the participation of the viewer.

‘Those who live without inner images, without imagination and sensitivity to be associated with their own thoughts and feelings, will see nothing.’

Antoni Tapies (1923-2012)

Arthur Bernard est un artiste belge résident actuellement aux Pays-Bas.Il est né à Malines où il a suivi une formation à l'Académie des beaux-arts. Très tôt, il est devenu curieux et impressionné par les éléments et les histoires qu'il voyait autour de lui. Ce sont précisément ces choses quotidiennes qui inspirent son travail.