Available paintings

By experimenting with color, he realized that colors influence each other, enhance each other or do the opposite. His fondness for Mediterranean colors came about through working in the South of France. By combining these with his specific tessellation, he wants to bring tranquility to his work. He applies the more or less recognizable elements intuitively.During the painting process, the forms are partially broken down but never completely removed. This form of imperfection allows the viewer to form his own image. The participation of the viewer is important to him. Af Klint once wrote:

" Those who have the gift of seeing more deeply can see beyond the form and concentrate on the wonderful aspect hidden behind every form, called life."


Hilma AF KLINT (1862-1944)

Table and chair” oil on linen 100x100cm € 2900

'Vase on yellow table' oil on linen 120x100cm € 3500

'Anatomy of a kitchen table 06 ' oil on linen 120x100cm

'Shadow of vases' 80x80cm acrylic € 1500

‘Anatomy of a kitchen table 08’ oil on linen  120x100cm. € 3500

'Anatomy of a kitchen table 08' oil on linen  100x100cm € 2900

‘Anatomy of a kitchen table  02’  acrylic on linen 120x100cm 2022  € 3500

'Anatomy of a kitchen table 07' 100x120cm oil € 3500


‘ Anatomie of a kitchen table 09’ oil paint on linen 100x100cm - 2023 € 2900