The works of Arthur Bernard, born in Mechelen, Belgium, who paints in an abstracted way, are held together by constant themes that explore the sometimes contradictory elements of life, while at the same time giving a complete sense of serenity. The paintings emerge intuitively with no preconceived goal, using motifs and emblematic forms that merge with areas of emptiness to demonstrate his own aesthetic


During one of the lessons at the Academy in his hometown Mechelen, the book 'Les voix du silence' by Andre Malraux was mentioned.

What struck him was the sentence "I call an artist the one who creates forms and a craftsman the one who reproduces them", which led him to choose to paint the subjects without looking at them.


Later, during his stay in the United States of America I became acquainted with the work of Richard Diebenkorn and his 'Berkeley' paintings in particular inspired him to start painting intuitively.-  “ My work arises from my mind's ability to perceive things around me, allowing me to conceptualize what I am experiencing and, over time, to better understand these experiences. Actually there is no right or wrong, there is what is and the end result is always a surprise for me as well.”

Wabi Sabi

He learned about the beauty of the imperfect during his exhibition in Madrid. he got into a discussion with Spanish colleagues about the unfinished paintings of El Greco. During a subsequent visit to the museum in Toledo, he discovered that he was finishing the unfinished self in his mind, which made him even more engaged with the subject.  -“ I believe that in my paintings I should give the viewer the opportunity to add his own interpretation. Moreover,

depending on the time of day, the state of mind at that time will always change the painting and therefore remain captivating.” -


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