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What did we end up with? A scenario from a Stephen King book? Are we dreaming a lucid dream? Ominous.

Where the majority of the Netherlands ended up in a massive slowdown and went black, there was also a group that lives in a constant state of readiness.

Care was mobilized, folded around us like a patchwork. Unconditional and fearless.

Unknowing in what is to come. Light and dark, good and evil. Once more the question of what is in the dark? Do we see points of light? Hope, it will be all right. It has to be right.

Another pricewinning photographer I admire is:

Marc Olthoff's photographs are best described as narrative photographs.
His stimulating images show a story in a single image. Usually they show an incomplete story; something unexpected, something surprising and raise the question of what exactly is happening in and outside the image. Upon closer inspection, the viewer finds more information in the image, yet a number of points remain open to fill in for themselves.